METAL-SAFE® Alpan Hood with gold on green 3 visor.

METAL-SAFE® Alpan Hood with gold on green 3 visor.

Application: Work wear for protection in furnaces.


Metal-Safe® Alpan hood with gold on green visor. Full-face hood with visor and fine mesh covered ventilation opening at the back. The outer shell is constructed to cover the head and drape over the shoulders onto the chest and back area so as to protect the parts of the body not normally covered by the jacket. The hood has a Gold mirror on green visor with stainless steel face guard to protect the visor.

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  • Information
    Colour Hood: Silver/ Aluminized Visor: Gold on Green 3
    Size One size fits all

    Hood: Alpan® five layered coating of aluminium foil, laminated onto a non-combustible and ultra-high heat resistant textile substrate. Visor: Polycarbonate, gold mirror on green 3. Face guard: Stainless steel.

    Product Standards

    MIL-C-24929A and EN 531 (A, B1, C4, D2, E2).

    Hazard Assessments Extreme radiant heat and molten metal splash.
    Product Comments

    AJ Charnaud & Co (Pty) Ltd offers a complete head-to-foot kit in ALPAN®. The range includes jackets, trousers, coats, spats, gloves, over boots and a hood with a gold mirror visor reflecting 99% of radiant heat and gives excellent UV and IR protection.

  • Product Features
    • Strong space age fiber.
    • Engineered textile, flexible work wear garments.
    • Can't burn or melt.
    • Resists molten steel.
    • Cool and light to wear freedom of movement.
    • High seam strength, durable, flexible, no de-lamination.
    • Good moisture regain, acting as a thermal barrier.
    • Maintain strength in ultra-high temperatures, up to 2900°C.
    • Reflects 95% of radiant heat.
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