METAL-SAFE® Alfab Spats with skirt and thermal liner

METAL-SAFE® Alfab Spats with skirt and thermal liner

Application: Work wear for protection in furnaces.


Metal-Safe® Alfab spats with skirt. Shoe shaped spats with skirt, Velcro® side closure and thermal liner.

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  • Information
    Colour Silver/ Aluminized
    Size One size fits all

    Alfab® Aluminised fabric

    Product Standards

    EN 531 (A, B2, C3, D1, E1) and MIL-C-24929A.

    Hazard Assessments Extreme radiant heat and molten metal splash.
    Product Comments

    AJ Charnaud & Co (Pty) Ltd offers a complete head-to-foot “kit” in ALFAB®. The range of products consists of a complete head-to-foot “kit”, including coats, aprons, jackets, trousers, spats, mitts and hood with different visors, reflecting radiant heat and gives UV and IR protection.

  • Product Features
    • Engineered textile, high seam strength, durable and flexible with no de-lamination.
    • Can’t burn or melt.
    • Asbestos free.
    • Reflects 95% of radiant heat.
    • Exceptionally high abrasion resistance, remain reflective with care and cleaning.
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