ACI-FLAM® Heat resistant hard hat

ACI-FLAM® Heat resistant hard hat

Application: High temperature applications, furnace work, smelters, oil & gas-, petrochemical-, mining-, construction-, working-at-heights and electrical-environments.


Heat resistant hard hat. Consist of a quality shell made with a durable injection molded, 100% virgin heat resistant material and a FasTrac liner/ suspension system which work together as a head protection system.

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  • Information
    Colour Silver
    Size 52 – 63cm
    • Shell: 100% Virgin heat resistant material.

    • Suspension: 4 point Fas-Trac liner suspension.

    • High quality sweatband.

    • Nylon height adjustment straps.

    Product Standards
    • SANS 1397:2003 and EN397, Approved by the DMR (Department of Mineral and Resources) for use in underground mining.

    • Option approvals: +150°C (elevated temp), Molten metal splash tested.

    • 440VAC (dielectric approval).

    Hazard Assessments Exposure to heat hazards in industrial work places.
    Product Comments

    Proper Usage and Storage Use only for designed purpose. Do not use to sit on or as a carrier for chemicals, etc. Never alter or modify in anyway, always refer to original manufacturer. Do not cut shell and use as a safety cap! Do not store items between the liner and the shell. It is not recommended to wear beanies or thick baseball caps under the cap. Labelling on inside of shell states “for adequate protection this helmet must fit or be adjusted to the size of the users head”, if anything is worn beneath cap, there is a chance of it not fitting correctly and slipping off the head during an accident, limiting its protective properties. Store out of direct sunlight and heat. Should never be stored on dash or back board of a motor vehicle as it will be exposed to sunlight and poses a potential risk as a projectile if vehicle stops suddenly. Store in boot/ trunk of motor vehicle. Best stored at moderate temperature, indoors, free from chemicals, dust and moisture. Do not store with any heavy weight weighing on the caps. Can be stored for up to 3 years from date of manufacture prior to issue, if stored in correct conditions. Inspect before issuing for signs of degradation. The primary purpose of industrial head protection products is to provide protection to the wearer against falling objects and bumps which could lead to injury. Additional optional performance requirements offer specialized protection. The protection provided is limited. Hard hats are designed to protect you only once. If the hard hat has been struck by a forcible blow of any magnitude, both the hard hat shell and the suspension should be replaced immediately, even if no damage is visible. Hard hats also should be replaced if dropped accidentally by the worker from the height of a two story building or higher. Damage to the hat and suspension from the drop could seriously degrade the effectiveness of the product.

  • Product Features
    • Retains its protective properties in high heat applications, such as radiant heat in furnace work.
    • Maximum heat exposure 190°C (maximum ambient heat exposure 100°C).
    • Available in silver grey shell with FasTrac liner.
    • High Quality sweatband.
    • Nylon height adjustment straps
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